Morro Bay Avocado

April 1, 2017

The Coolest Avocados Around

These green gems are creamy and buttery smooth. They’re very dense and heavier in weight than what you are used to. Their flavor is rich avocado perfection. There’s just no other Hass avocado quite like it!

Why Morro Bay avocados are so “cool”

I live on the ranch where my family grows these delicious avocados. Our grove is located just outside of a sleepy little beach town on the central coast of California called Morro Bay. We’re known for our oysters, fishermen, surf and avocados. Our avocados thrive in this growing region! The microclimate is unique because we get both cool ocean breezes and thick morning fog that rolls in and out during the day. This type of climate slows down the trees’ maturation process, allowing the fruit to hang on the tree longer than anywhere else – up to 18 months. Morro Bay avocados are literally the coolest!

The flavors and oils get plenty of time to develop to their fullest potential during this cool period. We not-so-patiently wait until the end of summer for our harvest because this is the time when they’re at their peak flavor profile … the season’s best, if you will. It was six years ago when I moved home to work for my father. He always knew his avocados were particularly delicious this time of the year; he just hadn’t taken the time yet to share that with the rest of the world.

When I came on board, we began working together to educate avocado lovers on just how great Morro Bay avocados are. Through a lot of persistence and hard work, I can say that today we’re shipping our Morro Bay avocados nationwide. We’re lucky to be able to partner with high-end and specialty retailers who understand and appreciate the quality of our avocados. Our partners want to bring only the best to their customers, and so they bring in Morro Bay avocados. For 2017, these avocados will only be available at select retailers from mid-August through mid-September. Try just one … I promise you will be back for more!