Finger Limes and Blue Apron

August 1, 2017

Blue Apron Brings our Finger Limes to their Subscribers

“Novelty is an essential attribute of the beautiful.”

Marketing the Novel

A wise man once said, “Novelty is an essential attribute of the beautiful”. Now while the word ‘beautiful’ may not be the adjective that comes to mind when you set eyes on a finger lime for the first time, but snap one open and you cannot help being seduced by its novel beauty. Pop those citrus pearls into your mouth and boy! Are you in for a treat!

Of course, my dad and I are definitely amongst finger limes’ biggest fans, but marketing an exotic fruit few had ever heard of (outside their native Australia) has been a challenge. So when I reached out to a produce buyer working for a New York startup I had never heard of that promised to completely change the way people were making dinner, I wasn’t sure what kind of impact it would make.

Almost Famous Finger Limes

Now, three years later Blue Apron is no longer just a little startup and finger limes have taken center stage in their meal program as one of their Season’s Best. A superstar team from Blue Apron visited our ranch in Morro Bay, California a few weeks ago to prep for our work together this season and as a result shipped off finger limes this week to be included in a vegetarian meal kit, with orders on the books all season long including a delicious sounding chicken dish that I cannot wait to get my hands on in September!

We are so pleased to announce our relationship with Blue Apron is growing, blossoming, sprouting, and every other farming pun in between. Not only are our finger limes getting in front of thousands of people, but now home chefs are being instructed on exactly how to use finger limes which is exactly what we need to spread the finger lime love!

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Thank you for following us on our journey!