Citriburst Finger Limes

June 15, 2017

Finger Limes are Back & Better than Ever

Our Citriburst finger limes are not only Organic and Global Gap Certified but are finally becoming the sensation that they are destined to be!

Organic Finger Limes are in Season!

Our Citriburst finger limes are officially back in season! Our trees handled the rains well and are now thriving. While our newer plantings continue to ramp up in production, we expect consistent volumes from our more established plantings. We are also excited to announce that they are not only Organic and Global Gap Certified, but are finally becoming the sensation that they are destined to be!

Finger Limes on TastemadeFunky Fruit Famous!

Popular online food news site Eater filmed a short finger lime feature at our ranch last July that went viral to the tune of 4.7 million views. Tastemade visited our farm to learn more about finger limes and posted an Instagram story that earned over 3 million views.

A top tier meal subscription company highlighted our finger limes as one of their Season’s Best after including them for the first time in a meal kit last year touching over 50,000 people, with many more meal kits planned for this season. Plus we have some great printed articles coming out. Top that with online sales up 800 fold over last year and its safe to say finger limes are on a roll! Check us out on Instagram or Facebook to follow the adventure!

New Tech, New Product: Jarred Pearls

We have been working tirelessly in the off-season to finalize our one-of-a-kind finger lime pearl extraction machine (send along your name suggestions!). We are in the final phases of assembling the processing line and are now accepting pre-orders of our jarred pearls packaged exclusively for mixologists and chefs to make plating a breeze.

While we are currently shipping whole finger limes daily, we expect to begin shipping the jarred pearls no later than August 1st. Both the whole finger limes and the jarred pearls have a three-week shelf life. If you have had finger limes before you know they can sit out of refrigeration on the shelf for some time in the produce department or cool part of a kitchen, however, the jarred pearls must be stored in refrigeration. Shoot off an email to for pre-orders.

Now you can order our Citriburst finger limes directly through our site. For wholesale inquiries, check out our wholesale page for spec sheets and packaging info. Here we go!